Summer’s Finest

I love tomatoes – savory quiches to the beloved pizza, you cannot understand how awesome this season is.. or maybe you can? Here’s a little video about summer’s finest addition. Read more →

Strawberry Season

Spring is the season of growth. Nothing excites me more than seeing an array of color at the farmer’s market. It is a preview for what’s to come once the weather gets warmer. A spring staple for me is the strawberry. Whether its sweetening your breakfast, brightening your salad, or topping your favorite dessert, strawberries never let you down. But… Read more →

Craft & Hospitality

There is point in our lives where we start to look for a career path, some study and work towards it, others just know. Looking back at my earliest memories, assisting in the kitchen during holiday celebrations, passing out plates, seeing if everyone was alright – you can say I was born into the service industry. Fast forward to the… Read more →

Chasing Culinary Standards

The past few months have been beyond busy and I am grateful for it. There were a lot of things working in my favor professionally which reminded me how much hard work pays off. Now that the tides are calm, I plan on writing a lot more and watching this series for inspiration. Read more →

Next Stop: Cake

This video was sent to me via email and I had to share it with you. As a native New Yorker, I have seen many things on the train, but nothing quite like this. I must commend her for piping and frosting a cake during rush hour – plus getting people to eat it! While this is cool, I do… Read more →