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Where Dreams Come True

Once upon a time there was a child with a vivid imagination, abstract and jam-packed with ideas. As he grew up, he never lost the connection with his childhood self or the detailed imagery of his imagination. I consider myself lucky to have so many people in my life that support my life choices despite how abstract they might be. The world needs artists and creative types for many reasons, but I will leave it up to you to interpret why. My reasoning may vary greatly from yours and that is great. Creativity tends to mean different things to people. This past weekend I revisited the land of dreams, Walt Disney World, and it was interesting to see how inspired I was leaving. The world that captivated me as a child, now intrigues me. When I was younger it was the story lines that drew me in, but now it is the people behind the scenes creating this world for us – carrying out one man’s dream.


My trip to Disney was an important one to me. It was the first time meeting my girlfriend’s, Beth, family as well as revisiting a place I held dear for many years. I was exceptionally excited about this trip, my girlfriend inspires me daily and being able to see her in her element was something to look forward to. The parks were filled with families from all over the world. It was hard to believe the amount of smiles I was surrounded by. I was particularly happy to see the employees give a 110% to uphold the Disney feeling: euphoric and whimsical. Between a number of tours and my girlfriend’s family, I learned a lot about Walt Disney and his vision. If you stop and think for a second how amazing his vision was, it is incredible. There are thousands of Disney cast members that are carrying out one man’s legacy. The idea of dreaming is often frowned upon by many realists, but this company and all its guests do not agree with them. Dreams are important for all of us to have and even if they don’t come true, it is better than not dreaming at all.


We would be foolish to think that world does not have it share of dark tales, but places like Walt Disney World gives us something to look forward to; a place of refuge. It encourages us to dream and follow our hearts despite the obstacles around us. While it may come off as cheesy or unrealistic to some, it means the world to others. The harder I dream, the more determined I become – every time I work on an O.F.D. project or look into Beth’s eyes I see truth in that. That is why dreams are important to me.


Knockbox Classic


There are many things that good coffee delivers. It turns out the people is one of the them – New York’s coffee community is awesome. Yesterday was the first ever Knockbox Classic, thanks to Matt Banbury and Anna Utevsky. This event was too big for words, a great turn out and multiple events creating an overwhelming positive energy that brought out the best in the competing baristas. It was pleasant sight to see.


I have been researching and drinking coffee analytically for the past five years. There is a lot to appreciate the deeper you dig – there is a lot to learn, but you have a lot of fun while learning. And that is why the Knockbox Classic was so entertaining, the event was filled with a group of hard working, knowledgeable people having fun.

Day Tripping: Take A Walk


There are many things one can do to get the creative juices flowing. I personally like taking walks and planning day trips. Last week, Bethany and I decided to travel the city. We started our day in Williamsburg for excellent coffee/eats and ended at the Met. It was her first time in Williamsburg and I wanted to show her some of my favorite spots: Jimmy’s Diner, Toby’s Estate, Blue Bottle, and Sweetleaf.


The day was slightly chilly and our hands were interlocked. It is rather strange and rather amazing how a place, person, etc. can change your outlook on something you’ve been dwelling on. With the latest Oven Fresh Dreams release on the way it was hard to focus on my writing assignments, let alone concentrate on my day to day responsibilities – that quickly changed. There is nothing quite like a walk in New York City. We are surrounded by so many amazing things and interesting people. A clear mind is refreshing and it allows you to create.

Brooklyn Farmacy

Time spent with friends should always be treasured. This past Sunday my friends, Alexis and Louise, and I went to the Brooklyn Farmacy. New Yorkers with a sweet tooth take my advice and visit this establishment as soon as you can. While I was prepared for a sugar coated brunch, I was not expecting the sweetness produced by this little offshoot of heaven.

The Brooklyn Farmacy is the perfect example of good branding. Before you even get a chance to sit down and peruse the menu, you’re taken over by well furnished shelves and countertops. The staff fits right in with retro threads as they escort you to your seat. That is when B.F. takes your my mind and forces it to explode – the menu is short, but the choices are quality. Deciding what sweet and savory pairing you’re going to select can be tricky, but do not worry friends. I developed a selection method. Here’s the rule I think everyone should follow – if you see more than three types of ice cream sundaes on a menu regardless of what time of day it is you order a sundae.