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Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour

Johnny is the reason why so many follow their dreams. See when he stopped by my city a few weeks ago.

UHHH Zombies!

I just started watching season 2 of The Walking Dead on Netflix (I don’t have cable) and I must admit… I love zombies! In the spirit of Halloween and all thing zombies. There will be a bunch of zombie related pastry, tattoo, and t-shirts posts within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

If you also like zombies and want to share something with me, contact me:
Instagram: CJEasyBake
Twitter: OvenFreshDreams / CJEasyBake

Sleepy Dan Second Series

Sleepy Dan is no stranger to quality products. This is apparent in his second series; t-shirts and polos would be a nice addition to anyone’s closet. While I have a weak spot for t-shirts, I love Dan’s branding on his other products (clocks, pillow cases, etc). If you’re a person who loves sleep or who rarely gets it (like yours truly), why not represent while the people around you sleep on a great brand.

You can purchase Sleepy Dan products via Karmaloop or his webstore.

WARNING: Yawning may occur while wearing/using Sleepy Dan Products.

Renegade Craft Fair

The beginning of the week is always the busiest (I am sure we can all relate to that) when working in a bakery. Check back tomorrow at 8:00PM (ET) for a full entry covering my experience at the Renegade Craft Fair!


Creativity and passion are two words that come to mind when thinking about the Renegade Craft Fair. It was such an honor to be a part of such a great gathering. Although I am consider myself a creative thinker, I am a only a baker by trade and website owner. Looking around at the artists around the fair was inspiring to say the least. One of my greatest inspirations at the fair also happens to be one of my best friends, Regan Smith Clarke. Regan and Nicholas (the dynamic duo) are business men in the finest sense of the word. Friends, partners in crime, what ever you want to call them – they love what they do and they do it well.

While it was a fun meeting new people it brought a smile to see my friends stop by the booth!

A BIG shout goes to my amazing friend Ray!

Photos- by the ever so talented Gabbi Komis (thank you dear).

Dream Gold Winter ’12

It’s not about being born into royalty, it’s about seeing itfeeling it, and being it.” – Dream Gold

I’ve been honored to meet many creative people through Oven Fresh Dreams and Serji and Taira are no different. These two are the driving force behind, Dream Gold, a brand out of Toronto.  I first caught wind of their brand around May 2011 and let me tell you, the progression their brand has shown is simply amazing. Dream Gold is a prime example of what happens when you’re passionate about something and work at it constantly.

Why is it a good time to start dreaming? Well… Serji and Taira just released a new winter collection. From t-shirts to hoodies, Dream Gold provides you with enough threads to fill a closet (well unless you’re like me… I have a t-shirt problem). Prices range from $14.95-$39.95, which is not bad considering the quality of the designs. While I am somewhat picky when it comes to t-shirt design, Dream Gold delivers with simple yet clean series (you did a great job guys. If you’re interested in looking at what is available, visit their shop today!


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