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Giant Philosophy

For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge of Mike Giant‘s work and his philosophy on day to day life.

Mike Giant – Philosophy on life from sidewalktalk.dk on Vimeo.

Interview Credit: Sidewalk Talk


UHHH Zombies!

I just started watching season 2 of The Walking Dead on Netflix (I don’t have cable) and I must admit… I love zombies! In the spirit of Halloween and all thing zombies. There will be a bunch of zombie related pastry, tattoo, and t-shirts posts within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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Beyond The Cookie Cutter: Daniel Gerbis

I would like to take a second to introduce you to Daniel Gerbis. He’s not only a close friend of mine, but a great tattoo artists. He is constantly trying to sharpen his skills and it clearly shows with each new piece that he does. Without further ado, here’s the first B.T.C.C. interview for 2012.

When did you know you wanted to break into the tattoo industry?
I never really knew I wanted to become a tattoo artist. I drew as a kid, now anything elaborate or anything like that, just a little more advanced than the kid next to me as far as I can remember. I was in college and hating it, and life in general for that matter, and I thought what the hell I can draw so I should try to tattoo…right? I went to a local shop around that was near the college,and asked if they were taking on an apprentice. The guy said,maybe you got any drawings. I showed him what I had and he said well you’re not terrible, draw some more and bother me in a month.so I do just that. A month later I showed up and he told me to draw some more and bother him in another month or so. So I did..again.I started hanging around the shop and then one day he said, well you gonna just stand there or you gonna help,ha ha. He was a surly sob but I owe him everything for letting me in the door. And for that I am always thankful.

What is something you wish to accomplish in the future?
Just to be able to always progress. Each tattoo I do I want it to be better than the last. There are two sayings that always stuck with me throughout the years, one is ” hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and the other is ” you are only as good as your last tattoo”. Now I never thought I ever had any real talent when it came to drawing, but damn if I didn’t draw every day and bust my ass to try and get better, I guess you can call it more of an ability to persevere. Besides progression, I would like to travel more and meet some cool tattooers, do guest spots across the country, stuff like that.

Who inspires you?
My fiance, she always helps keep me grounded and level headed. I beat myself up sometimes being impatient with the industry or some new style or technique, or why some tattooers seem to breeze by or whatever, she always puts things in perspective and never gives up on me or lets me give up on myself. As far as which tattooers inspire me…well…most of the time it is someone I work with, watching now each tattooer approaches a design is really interesting. I follow dozens of tattooers from across the world and try to take something away or learn from any and everyone.

What shop would you like to have a guest spot at the most?
There are so many I couldn’t even begin to name them all. Sorry for the lame answer, ha.

When are your flashes going up for sale?
My first flash set is available now. I have been dragging me get on the second set four awhile now but I should finish it soon, I hope!

What is favorite style to work in?
I have on foot firmly placed in a traditional style but I like heavily color saturated tattoos, known as color bomb. I have dabbled in new school style too, but not my wrong suit I suppose. I think I can learn something from all styles and techniques. I try to make my own look to the tattoos I do, you know, I want someone to look at a tattoo and say “hey did Daniel gerbis do that tattoo?” I have a long way to go and tons to learn but hey that is what persevering is all about right.

Click here to see Daniel’s work.

*Daniel wanted me to remove the typos, but told him I wanted it to be organic.

The Revamped “Collaborate & Dream” Series

When I started culinary school in September, I knew that the “Collaborate & Dream” series would have to take a sudden halt. While the idea of releasing neat collaborative t-shirts sounded good, I knew I would not be able to give the releases the attention they deserved. With that being said, 2012 marks a new year for Oven Fresh Dreams and a new year for the “Collaborate & Dream” series.

After reworking my schedule, I am now able to dedicate myself to all things O.F.D. What does this mean exactly? How about a new “Collaborate & Dream” t-shirt every 1-2 months?! I am pleased to announce that the first collaboration will be available late January (or early February). On top of that, did I mention the talented Gabriel Gozzer was designing it? Gabriel is a tattooist that resides in Portugal and hails from Brazil. I was introduced to Gabriel’s artwork when he designed two of my favorite t-shirts, “Wild Wolves II” and “Scholars & Thieves” in the Vicious History (Chazzy is the man by the way) line. After adding those shirts to my collection, I knew that I had to work with him in the future. His attention to detail and the tattoo elements in his design immediately caught my eye. I’ve always wanted a tattooist to showcase his or her talent for the “Collaborate & Dream” series and the beginning of 2012 seems like the perfect time.

Gabriel Gozzer’s artwork:

P.S. When you check out Vicious History tell Chazzy that EasyBake sent you!

Monday Night Tats: David Tevenal

David Tevenal is a tattoo artist that caught my eye one day as I was looking up artists in Ohio. My friend wanted a tattoo and I was really impressed by David’s work (so naturally I recommended him). He currently works at Memento Tattoo and is always looking for new clientele, so if you’re in Ohio pay him a visit!

David Tevenal: Tattoo Flash from Seanie G Productions on Vimeo.

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