The Great Googa Mooga

The Great Googa Mooga festival was in town this weekend and I had a fun time. While many reviewers and websites are calling the festival an utter failure, at least it produced a weekend of entertainment and food for (some) New Yorkers.

The idea behind Googa Mooga seemed promising. How could anyone resist food and music? It turns out, not many people can. The number of attendees versus the number of vendors was insane; causing many problems. Many people were left without food due to the overwhelming demand (I was still able to snag a delicious slice of pizza). The people who suffered the most were those who paid for the Extra Mooga ticket ($249.50 plus surcharge). According to the blogosphere, the Extra Mooga ticket holders were bamboozled. As for people like me, general admission and thrill seeker, the festival was fine.

Despite the large crowd slowing me down, I made it to the Coffee Experience tent that hosted none other than my friends at Third Rail Coffee. The lines were intense and I give credit to the whole gang for pulling shots and serving the horde of coffee (and non-coffee) drinkers. Fully equipped with shade, chairs, tables, and espresso, this was the spot to be at.

When all is said and done, the festival can use improvement. However, the potential Googa Mooga has is exciting. I look forward to next year’s festival and I can’t thank Humberto of Third Rail Coffee enough for getting me in. If you’re ever in the West Village be sure to check out his shop!