2014: Ready,Set, Action

Another year has passed and we are left to evaluate what we have accomplished as well as our shortcomings. The new year brings many fresh challenges, but also allows us to pick up the pieces from last year to build a better vision. In 2013, I had the pleasure of many talented and passionate people. There is something to be said about the motivation we all have. It comes in different shapes and sizes, but our motivation is unique to us and it is something to be treasured. So without rambling on, I say let’s make 2014 the year of action. Let’s use our excitement to write down our ideas and our motivation to make them happen. I wish everyone a happy new year and I look forward to see everything we accomplish.

December Inspiration #4: Mike Giant

Mike Giant for Neighbors from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

December Inspiration #3: 9th Wonder

“If you love it,and you have a passion for it, it’s like nothing can stop you…” – 9th Wonder


December Inspiration #2: Aaron Kraten

Aaron Kraten is an artist and a generally nice guy. I have been a fan of his artwork for years and his passion is something to be admired.

DIY since 2008.

Decemeber Inspiration #1: Benny Gold

Benny Gold: “Stay Gold” from WEREHAUS on Vimeo.

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