” Let the world know your purpose and always be kind – even if they do not understand it right away. ” –  My Grandmother

It was just the other day I overheard a conversation on the commute home; a teenager was questioning the importance of their voice. A conversation that started off as a debate quickly turned into a despairing list of reasons why they do not share their thoughts or let their emotions show at home.  While I might not be an expert in this subject, it is important to let the youth know how special their being is. We are all wired differently, believe in an array of concepts, and strive for a variety of goals. There is nothing wrong about thinking or feeling differently than the person next to you – you should be able to feel comfortable enough to share that with the world. We all embark on a journey at some point in our lives; we may discover who we are or begin to understand our purpose in the world. To be honest, this journey will always exist as long as you stay true to what you believe in. Always find the kindness in who you are and share that with everyone you know, the world will be a better place because of it.

Once Upon A Cupcake…

I was never one to know my way around the kitchen.  I was the girl who could somehow ruin eggs and screw up boiling water while being completely convinced that Salmonella was lurking inside of every piece of meat I’ve ever cooked; to put it plainly – a chef, I was not.  It took roughly twenty-seven years (and a whole lot of flour) to figure out that I was actually a pretty fantastic baker.

I’ve always been appreciative of the culinary arts…or basically just a fat kid at heart.  I love food…no, really – it’s pretty embarrassing that I become excited over the thought of my next meal…and desserts? Forget it!  I love everything about that final round of dinner – the last hurrah of the evening’s culinary adventure.  I dread that uncomfortable moment in a restaurant when the waiter offers the dessert menu, for all of my dining companions take hold of their bellies in unison, boldly proclaiming how stuffed they are and that they cannot possibly fit another ounce.  I’m the girl that ALWAYS has room for dessert and rarely wants to share.  Food has always been the focal point of every family event and holiday growing up. My giant Italian family is always feeding someone.  If you go visiting, the first thing that you’re asked is “what do you want to eat?” You can forget about saying no.  Something will be concocted for you and you WILL eat it and it WILL be delicious.  Food is present when babies are born, when lifetime milestones are reached, and when people pass away.  It’s no wonder I associate food with feelings of comfort and warmth and it is those same feelings that I seek to invoke with my creations.


About three years ago, I began to try my hand at the baking game.  The only reason I really started was to bake “healthy” options since I refuse to give up sweets when I diet…and I’m pretty much always on a diet.  I remember the first item I baked from scratch was a batch of low-fat banana chocolate chip muffins.  Side Note: The recipe called for whole wheat flour, which is certainly…different.  Do not be fooled.  Whole wheat flour when baking muffins or cupcakes is nothing like regular old “bad for you” white flour.  Thoroughly excited with my creation, I moved on to low-fat pumpkin spice cookies, since I melt at the thought of anything with the word “pumpkin” in it – and I scored another success.  That year I became bold enough to offer to make the pecan pie for Thanksgiving, which if you know what a room full of hungry Italians is like, is a huge deal.  The pecan pie is no joke in my family and needless to say my chocolate pecan pie was a huge hit – such a hit that this year will be my fourth year in a row baking it.


I must have been subconsciously bragging about my accomplishments because when I started my new job and “birthday season” rolled around, I suddenly found myself being asked to bake for all of the department birthdays.  People began requesting specific types of cupcakes, which I always took to another level.  I remember starting out with strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting, cannoli cream cupcakes (with homemade cannoli cream of course), moving right along into peanut butter & jelly cupcakes and chocolate pretzel cupcakes – just to name a few.  By now I am known in my office as “the girl who bakes the cupcakes,” and it is absolutely wonderful.  People associate me with “breaking a diet” and “indulging a little,” which only means my mission is being accomplished.   To say I “love” my new hobby is an understatement.  I find so much pleasure in creating something from beginning to end that makes other people happy.  I love the smile on a person’s face when the take that first bite of my latest creation and tell me that I’ve done it again.

While my main focus is cupcakes, I began to dabble with cookies, monstrous brownies, and cakes – even moving into the sticky world of fondant, as well as pearls and shimmer effects.  I debuted my latest “Guinness and Bailey’s” cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day today and they were quite the hit.  I take my recipes from all corners of the Internet and in the countless cookbooks my family and friends have begun to shower me with (not completely selfless, I’m aware).  Since I started baking, I feel more confident, relaxed and happy in a self-fulfilling way.  If I’ve had a long day, baking a batch of cupcakes while dancing around to my favorite songs is a surefire way to cheer me up.  I hope you enjoy following me through my journey from hobbyist to (hopefully) professional cupcake-maker extraordinaire and along the way find your own inspiration to become happily self-fulfilled.


Create: The Armory & Scope

Life is too short to not create.

GMO, No.

The end of January is here and I hope everyone is striving towards their personal goals. My major goal is to cut out GMOs from my life and while this is a real challenge I can at least cut them out dramatically. I pride myself in using non-GMO ingredients (and when I can, organic) when baking, but my sweet tooth makes it difficult. While I do not eat candy or junk food, not every restaurant feels so strongly on the GMO debate – thus leaving me unaware of the quality of ingredients they are using. This creates a challenging dilemma, but thankfully there’s the Non-GMO Project and other amazing organizations that help keep us aware.

Not sure what GMOs are? Here’s a fun video explaining them:

Buy, Cook, Eat Organic.

There are a number of studies that highlight the benefits of organic produce, so this post is not going to preach about the subject – Google has you covered. However, I will share a video that has been causing a lot of discussion on the internet the past few weeks. After watching it you can decide what is right for you…

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