2015: Stay Creative

Fruitful ideas are wonderful, but sometimes it is hard for them to come to life. Last year, I spent too much time over thinking – not giving enough time to let my ideas grow. It is a new year and there are so many things I am excited to share with the world. I hope 2015 births many ideas and brings… Read more →

Fresh Grits

Grits is a staple food of the South with Native American origins – my favorite comfort when living in Texas. However, this bowl of breakfast has much bigger meaning; a representation of life, a symbol of Southern culture. Recognizing its importance, Reuben Levi decided to name his lifestyle brand after this dish. Grits Co. recently rebranded and truly captured what makes the South special –… Read more →

Chocolate & Tim Burton

Cakes are always challenging to me, which I love to work on them so much. The creative process behind designing a cake is fun, exhausting, and totally worth your time. That is why this video is fun to watch over and over again… just think about all the time that went into this?! The Caketrope of BURTON’s Team from Alexandre… Read more →