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The Answer is Passion

I had the pleasure of talking with one of my friend’s in the pastry industry last week. Aside from catching up, she wanted to know why bread? It is true, we all learned a lot of techniques and were introduced to a lot of recipes while we were in school. I told her it was a passion of mine –… Read more →

Day Tripping: Take A Walk

There are many things one can do to get the creative juices flowing. I personally like taking walks and planning day trips. Last week, Bethany and I decided to travel the city. We started our day in Williamsburg for excellent coffee/eats and ended at the Met. It was her first time in Williamsburg and I wanted to show her some… Read more →

Brooklyn Farmacy

Time spent with friends should always be treasured. This past Sunday my friends, Alexis and Louise, and I went to the Brooklyn Farmacy. New Yorkers with a sweet tooth take my advice and visit this establishment as soon as you can. While I was prepared for a sugar coated brunch, I was not expecting the sweetness produced by this little… Read more →