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International Restaurant & Food Show Pt.1

Two weeks ago, I was walking up and down the aisles of the International Restaurant & Food Show pondering what it must be like to be a restaurant owner. Although I am only a culinary student, the dream of opening a small shop with my best friends is always in the back of my mind. While the exhibitors pitched their products in the background, I was deaf to what they were saying and was focused on the bigger picture; dedicating my time, sharpening my skills, and achieving my goal.

I heard from a number of chefs that when they started their careers the workload was brutal. While I can not say I am looking forward to the extremely long hours and even less sleep, I know it comes with the territory and I am prepared. Sometimes I have my doubts and I gradually grow worrisome, but then I see things like this…

The thought of a team of pastry chefs (normal people like you and I) planning and executing every detail of this piece is nothing short of amazing. Art and pastry go hand in hand, but it is sculptures like this that really set me back. It inspires me, it challenges me to do better; I must try my best. Again, I am merely a student, but I strive to be someone of influence.