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Q&A: Inspiration

These are a few questions I have been asked last month and figured why not share my answers with the interwebs. What chefs inspire you? Where do you seek inspiration? What do you want to with your career? All these questions and I am still figuring out the answers. *Any passionate chef inspires me. As long as they cook/bake with… Read more →

Embrace Imagination

“Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life.” – Simone Weil Imagine what real life would be like without imagination? Without people expanding their minds, seeing past the stars, the concept of creativity would not exist. This can be applied to any creative medium. Imagine a world without poetry, music, photography, or food… not a… Read more →


Believe it or not, but my pastry program is almost over. Months of sweet, delectable knowledge is stored in my head and can be brought to life with my hands. With that being said, I have been dipping my fingers in chocolate for the past month. In the beginning, I could not stand tempering (the process of melting and raising… Read more →

Opportunities & Time Frames

Who here likes coffee? I sure do. Coffee is one of the most important things in my life. Aside from being one my favorite research topics, it helps me focus on assignments and carry on throughout my busy schedule. Whether its late night sketching out dessert ideas or early morning hours baking breakfast pastries, chances are there’s a cup of… Read more →