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Believe it or not, but my pastry program is almost over. Months of sweet, delectable knowledge is stored in my head and can be brought to life with my hands. With that being said, I have been dipping my fingers in chocolate for the past month.

In the beginning, I could not stand tempering (the process of melting and raising the temperature) chocolate. It was time consuming, messy, and well… boring. Although I understood the importance of the tempering process, my classes dragged. That all changed once I tasted the finished candies. There’s something special about eating chocolate that is shiny (and that contains sea salt).

That does not mean out of temper chocolate is not delicious (and cool looking)!

I am currently working on a showpiece with my partner, Danielle, and needless to say it has been a challenge. You never know what is going to break until it does. Our theme is 101 Dalmatians and I must admit I love the direction we are taking it in. We are combining the organic flowiness (not a real word) of French showpieces opposed to the blocky (also not a real word) American style. I am a big fan of symbolism, so this should be a fun ride.

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