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Small Victory Clothing – UK

First of all I’d like to apologise for being distant lately, but I have been finding out some awesome Indie Brands that will be taking the UK scene by storm! Firstly I brought to your attentions the creative wonders of All Or Nothing Apparel. Now I have happened to stumble across Small Victory Clothing.




Starting only in mid 2011 they already have a themselves a huge fanbase.  From a girls perspective, it’s nice to see a brand that also uses female models to showcase their tees. But this is the message that Small Victory Clothing are trying to get out there “With an outlook to create an alternative, heavily unisex fashion brand”

I’d really like to see Small Victory Clothing blow up this year. If you like traditional pieces of art/tattoos this brand is for you. Their fashionably vintage, traditional prints are crazily affordable and unique.



















Samfar x