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X C V B Clothing UK

No, I haven’t just ran my finger along the bottom of the keyboard, X C V B is the name of one of the hottest UK brands around. Only establishing themselves just over a year ago (April, 2011) they have already made their mark on the independant scene.







If the 90′s is your thing, then you are in for a treat with this brand. Their clean cut patterns have that vintage feel to them, whilst cleverly blending in with some of today’s iconic Indie art. Their bold, and sometimes, outrageous colours make for a real individual feeling. What’s more, is that X C V B clothing is just as great for the ladies as it is for the lads.

Their A/W 2011 line has been well received, with their variety of items, including sweaters and snapbacks (I remember when these were just normal hats).



















Already being stocked by stores solely providing independant clothing brands, I suggest you get your hands on their items before they sell out!


All Or Nothing Apparel UK

All Or Nothing Apparel started in Spring of 2011 with just 5 items to their name. After having their first 3 lines sell out super fast, I am excited to see what they will bring us in 2012. They are already being stocked in 3 shops nationwide and plan on bringing out a wider variety of items to their ever growing vastness, such as booty shorts and snap backs.

The brand originally caught my eye when they did a charity tee for Help For Heroes. I fear some people are getting into the design business purely for the money, but these guys show that there is much more to offer from a design house.

















As far as UK brands go, their items are rediculously affordable and because their designs are classic and timeless, you’ll get a t-shirt that could last you a lifetime.

Samfar x

Candy Cakes – Covent Garden

Recently I went to London and for the first time ever visited Covent Garden… Why on earth had I never been there before?! It is a great place for a foodie; if you are dieting steer well clear. It had everything from freshly cooked paella to tofy yasai chilli men, from cocktails to cupcakes. As you can imagine, as soon as I saw the word cake I was at the doorstep of Candy Cakes.








With all the bespoke flavours and wonderful creations they had, I ended up with a traditional Red Velvet. It was one of the best Red Velvet’s I have ever had (sorry, but it doesn’t top the one I had from Magnolia’s at Rockefella). If you are in or around London at any point, please visit Covent Garden, you will be as amazed as we both were!


Hospitality Action

Last week at work we held another one of our Cake and Samosa sales for a charity called Hospitality Action. The charity is there to assist all those who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK and who find themselves in crisis. I work for what is quite possibly the world’s largest catering company and this charity may be able to help some of our employees or previous employees one day; I believe it is a very worthy cause. I’m not too sure of the figure that was raised but we managed to shift at least 40 cakes and 200 samosas! So I wanted to thank all those that helped.

Looking forward to the next bake sale!